Who's your best friend?

This study will find out the fittest traits for your ideal friend. You will need to answer a few questions for us to generate your ideal friends' profiles, which you will then need to interact. Afterwards we will show you our estimates on their traits.

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Please tell us a little bit about yourself. Why?

These questions are optional, but if you could answer at least the first four, that would really help us.


What is your gender? (important)


For the first part of the study, you will answer several questions. You will answers them as if your ideal person is answering them. The answers to these questions will help us generate profiles according to your preferences.

Attention: If you think the question is not important for you to find your ideal person, select "Not important". You need to answer at least 10 questions, and skip at least 10 questions.

If you want to change your answers, press "go back" to answer again.

For the purpose of this study, what kind to profiles do you want to examine?

Please mark at least 10 important questions by answering "yes/no", and mark at least 10 unimportant questions by answering "Not important".
Questions answered and marked important: 0/0
Questions marked not important: 0/0
"Do you like dinosaurs?"

Your ideal person would say:


Please tell us about yourself

I would prefer complex to simple problems

I find satisfaction in deliberating hard and for long hours

Select strongly disagree for this one

Thinking is not my idea of fun

I would rather do something that requires little thought than something that is sure to challenge my thinking abilities


Instructions for a potential research

Please read instructions carefully for a potential research that may happen during this test.

Interacting with profiles

According to your answers to the previous task, we have prepared several fictitious profiles. The profile owners selected their profile picture and names by themselves. The interaction is simple: after you examine the profiles, including the profile pictures and descriptions, you make your decisions by clicking on the buttons or you can swipe left (dislike) or right (like).

Below is an example interface. Notice that the "info" button that is circled red below can help you expand the details to the profiles, and view the profile picture. .


Was race an important factor for you to make decision on who your ideal person is?

Please indicate the extent to which you feel positive or negative towards each issue


Limited government

Military and national security


Welfare benefits

Traditional marriage

Traditional values

The family unit


Thank you for your participation!

Before we continue to the results, please answer the following two questions:


Thank you!

If you are a turker or a Prolific worker, please copy this code back to your work page: 32effa

According to the profiles that you liked,

The percentage of profiles you liked by ethnicity:

What does the result mean to me?

This result is only an estimate of your ideal person's traits. For most of the time, people form connections with people through changes and uncertainty. This estimate only shows how you would form connection based on a small subsets of traits, and can only tell you a little about whom you will form connections in the future. Therefore, meet diverse groups of people as you can, and form great connections on the way!

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